State Required “Initial List” Filling Fee ($125.00)  

**This is a 2nd Tier Filing requirement almost never included by our competitors.

The “Initial List of Officers or Managers” is a mandatory State filing which needs to be completed by the last day of the month following the month of incorporation. The State filing fee is $125.00 and the filing lists the following names and addresses with the Secretary of State’s Office:

For a Corporation: President, Treasurer, Secretary, All Directors
For an LLC: LLC Manager (for "Manager Managed" LLC's)

Most other incorporating companies either charge an additional $125.00 for this (after the fact) or they some-how ”forget” to tell you about this requirement in order to keep their prices artificially low. If you purchase privacy or nominee services we expertly prepare and file your initial list with “Nominee” Officers/Directors or Managers to eliminate your name completely from the public record.