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Nevada Basic Virtual Office  
Simply incorporating in Nevada is just not enough to avoid hassle's from your own State, County or City Tax Assessors. Increasingly Officials are insisting that you provide proof that your Nevada Corporation is in fact based in Nevada. If you are unable to provide proof, the amount of work involved for you and your accountant could well be taxing! Your Nevada Corporation or LLC needs a legitimate "Nevada Corporate Office" and where better than Lake Tahoe, Nevada?

This service provides for the immediate establishment of your "Nevada Virtual Office" in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada, at an incredibly low cost. The service is provided by Kingsbury Executive Suites LLC. You will receive a prestigious Lake Tahoe, Nevada address for your corporate entity's use, as well as limited access to the reception area, conference room and client workstation area. This package is ideal for a variety of Internet, Technology, Consulting or Service businesses. Please Note that due to U.S. Postal Regulations, an individual or Sole Proprietor cannot purchase this package, Sorry, Entities only!
Package Includes: Physical access will be limited to a maximum of 2 hours per week, so that we may accommodate all of our clients. Use of the facilities are by appointment and are available Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM. If a higher level of service is required, please consider the Executive Virtual Office service.

Please note: This service is usually purchased within an incorporation package, so please compare packages. If you already have an existing Corporation or LLC, this service may be purchased independently.

Price: $600.00 per Year order
Basic Virtual Office PLUS Registered Agent Service  

A registered agent acts as a contact between your Corporation and the Nevada Secretary of State's Office. The Nevada Revised Statutes require a Corporation or Limited Liability Company to continuously maintain a Registered Agent with a Nevada physical address. Neither a Post Office Box nor an out-of-state physical address will suffice. The duty of the registered agent is to accept service of legal documents and notifications from the State or others. As your Commercial Registered Agent, we will accept all such Official documents on behalf of your corporation or LLC and forward them to you.

Price: $800.00 per Year order

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