International Directors and CFC Management Team - from $2,000.00 monthly  
In order for a U.S. person to take advantage of tax deferral benefits on retained earnings within a foreign corporation (CFC), the U.S. shareholders must be passive investors, having no control over the company’s day-to-day operations.

Additionally, the CFC must be managed by Directors living outside of the U.S. The CFC may not have a U.S. office, any employees located in the U.S., or any U.S. agents working exclusively to market/distribute its goods in the U.S. (as this creates a "permanent establishment" in the U.S.)

We work with international service providers that provide the International Directors and CFC Management Team necessary to establish a bona-fide foreign business. Please note this service is complicated and in order to provide these services, an International Trust will need to hold the shares of the CFC. As a consequence the Bahamas International Asset Protection Trust Package will need to be purchased in conjunction with the CFC Package.

As a U.S. person, you may of course structure a CFC business yourself (without our help) but this would require you to move out of the United States, become a legal resident in a low-tax or no-tax country and to remain there for (on average) nine months a year.

International Company Directors & CFC Management Team Services include:

The cost for providing these company management services will depend substantially on the business operations or business model of the CFC. Service fees begin around USD2,000 monthly plus costs. Please note that these fees are very competitive and in may cases will be less than you would normally have to pay (especially in the U.S) for these necessary day-to-day business activities. It goes without saying that the overall savings when allowing for ZERO taxation should be substantial. Please note that the CFC business operations must substantially be able to be automated (and fit into our model) in order to qualify. - Our international service provider must review and approve any and all applicants.

*The Directors will act as signatories to any operating accounts, however, once retained earnings begin to accumulate, the shareholders will be expected (with our help) to open bank and brokerage accounts in order to manage these funds. If you prefer not to have signature authority over these accounts, the Trustees of your Bahamas International Asset Protection Trust will manage these funds (increased trustee fees apply).

- N.B. There is a strict eligibility screening requirement prior to client on boarding